Is Your Talent Pipeline Drying Up?

Your company is only as strong as the talent powering it, but adding superstars to your lineup is easier said than done. If you’re having trouble finding top talent to fill your job openings, team up with a staffing agency. As hiring experts, recruiters know exactly where to find the talent you need, ensuring you’ll never run short on options.

Find out what you have to gain by taking on a staffing partner.

Improve the quality of your talent

The right person for the job isn’t always actively seeking employment opportunities. These people aren’t checking postings on job boards or social media, so if you try to handle the hiring process yourself, you’ll probably never connect with them.

On the other hand, staffing professionals’ vast networks are filled with passive, gainfully employed candidates who would consider switching jobs for the right opportunity. Your recruiter will search their contacts to see if anyone fits the bill, and reach out to those deemed a match.

Fill openings faster

When you’re short-staffed, the entire team is impacted. According to the iCIMS U.S. Hiring Trends Q4 2015 report, it takes 44 days to fill an open position. When hiring on your own, you’re either forced to put a long-term strain on your staff or hire quickly and risk choosing the wrong person.

If you have a staffing partner, this is a non-issue. Recruiters work hard to maintain an active talent pool, so they will start reaching out to prospective candidates immediately. They can also connect you with a contingent worker, who can help in the interim, while you’re conducting your search.

Choose the right person for the job

As hiring experts, recruiters understand the makings of a great employee. They know the questions to ask, the background research to conduct and the red flags that indicate a person isn’t right for the job or your company.

When vetting candidates yourself, it’s easy to overlook many key indicators you’ll replay in your mind several times after realizing you’ve made a bad hire. Working with a recruiter takes the pressure off you in many ways, especially because most placements come with a guarantee.

Save time and money

Steering a hiring process is an all-encompassing initiative. When paired with your actual job, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. Plus, one bad hire costs an average of $17,000, according to a 2016 CareerBuilder survey. You can’t afford to pay this or massive amounts of overtime when employees are forced to put in extra hours to make up for vacant positions.

If your talent pipeline is drying up, consider a partnership with Malone Staffing Solutions. From logistics candidates in Evansville to Monroe manufacturing professionals, our light industrial staffing agency will deliver the hard-to-find talent you need. Contact us today to fill the open positions at your warehouse.

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