Make Turnover Less Challenging for Your Team

Times of turnover are challenging for businesses. Production is often low, and terminating an employee is never easy. However, a drop in output is one thing, but the fear of losing your job is a completely different feeling. As an employer, it is important to have your team in mind during times of high turnover. The last thing you can afford is a drop in company morale or for employees to start proactively jumping ship. Adhere to these strategies for making turnover easier for your team to minimize your company’s challenges.

Be frank

When co-workers are seen walking out of the building with a filled cardboard box, it’s pretty clear the company is experiencing some turnover. Before speculation turns into paranoia and your team starts to proactively look for other options, address your employees in a very transparent meeting that explains the reasoning and extent of the turnover.

Acting like your job security is more important than your team’s is a quick way to create a culture of mistrust. If an employee’s job is at risk, not only do they deserve to know, but in telling them, you give them a chance to improve their performance.

Develop your team

Many cases of employee turnover could have been avoided if the company spent more time sufficiently onboarding new hires and creating a culture of education among even their most seasoned employees. If your employees aren’t panning out the way you had hoped, develop and mold them into the employees that can improve your processes.

Too many companies rely solely on the recruiting process to establish the perfect team, when the fact is most employees can succeed in any environment when they are properly guided.

Build your team up

There is no better time than when a company is experiencing turnover to acknowledge and praise good work. Your team is worried about their professional and financial security, so a simple compliment or a private conversation reassuring them they are on the right track will go a long way. You likely have turnover because your productivity isn’t where it needs to be, so poor office morale is the last thing you need. Make turnover easier for your team by keeping spirits high.

Hire the right employees

Though an extensive onboarding process and continued employee education system can go a long way towards bolstering your recruiting, your hiring process could be what causes high turnover in your company. Make sure you are hiring light industrial candidates who will fit well with your team to eliminate tension and maximize productivity.

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