Why You Should Promote a Culture of Learning

Creating a culture of learning in your company does more than promote professional development for your team. It tells your team you are invested in them and their professional growth. Self-improvement is also an extremely healthy state of mind that makes for a highly capable and reliable employee.

Do your company and its employees a service by encouraging learning in your workforce.

Provide your team with viable course options

From classes at the local community colleges and conferences to e-learning courses and webinars, there are a plethora of different sources available (most of them being free) to your team that can help improve their technical or soft skills. Providing your team with a list of these resources not only saves them the time of finding these courses, but it also encourages them to pursue continued education.

Vetting the courses your employees take also ensures they are learning the right tips and tactics for your company’s standards.

Offer a continued education stipend

Take your interest in employee education one step further by supplying a stipend for certain paid courses, books or conferences for your team to attend without having to stretch their own budget. This helps eliminate the financial barrier to professional development.

Make time for learning in the workweek

Another major barrier to employees continuing their professional development is the lack of time. Work already takes up more than half of a full-time employee’s waking hours during the workweek. With the addition of childcare and other hobbies and tasks that makeup a typical adult’s schedule, continued education is nearly impossible to pursue.

As an employer, you should relish the opportunity to promote your team’s education. Not only does it make them better employees with helpful tips, tactics and strategies, but for many light industrial workers in Detroit and manufacturing workers in Henderson, it keeps them up-to-date on industry standards and guidelines surrounding safety and legal regulations.

Openly share your team’s progress

Cement your new learning culture by openly sharing success stories in employee learning and growth. Give your team a platform to share what they’ve learned and lead your team in applauding their accomplishments.

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