Keeping Your Employees Focused Over the Summer

When the weather improves and the kids are out of school, it can create a level of unrest around the office. Vacations are being planned and the heat alone can slow down productivity. Work is often the last thing on our minds on a hot summer day. Keeping your team focused over the summer is paramount to maintain your bottom-line.

Maintaining employee motivation over the summer is a matter of identifying potential distractions and finding a common ground between productivity and satiating your employees’ wanderlust.

Keep it casual

If it is safe to do so, beat the heat with a more lenient dress code over the summer months. T-shirts and jeans or shorts can help your employees let loose and stay cool when the temps start to rise. It’s an easy way to keep your employees happy that shouldn’t impact their productivity.

Be flexible

May through August is prime time for vacations and weddings. Avoid the inconvenience of these distractions and employee absences by focusing on Tuesday through Thursday. Don’t schedule meetings on Monday or Friday when employees are either acclimating from a long weekend or preparing for one.

You might also try a more flexible schedule that involves working extra hours from Monday to Thursday and having half-days on Fridays for part or all of the summer months.

Having a more flexible schedule during the summer helps encourage your employees to utilize their well-deserved vacation days without compromising productivity.

Focus on learning

One way to keep your employees focused during the summer is to keep them grounded and humble. Emphasizing employee education during the summer is a great way to remind employees of their professional development and career goals. Channel your team’s extra energy into learning a new skill or remastering old ones during summer to avoid a costly drop in productivity.

Embrace the fun

Don’t let your employees resent their work because they’re too focused on maximizing their summer fun. Be a part of your employees’ respite from all of the stresses that come with deadlines, quotas and hard labor. Host a company barbecue, pool party or beach day to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Your team will be much more likely to give you their full dedication over the summer.

Hire contingent workers to relieve the strain

Give your team the flexibility they need and deserve this summer by hiring contingent workers in 2017. Hiring a few Detroit light industrial candidates, Nashville manufacturing workers, automotive workers in Evansville, Louisville logistics professionals or distribution professionals in Lexington can fill in the productivity gaps that come with vacation season.

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