Empowering Your Employees to Create a Safety Culture

Safety is a major issue for light industrial employers throughout the country. Not only can unsafe practices lead to damaged inventory and lost profits, it can cause serious harm to your employees.

How do you create a culture of safety in the workplace? Workplace safety education is imperative to shift your team’s mindset on workplace safety. Continuously educating your team and encouraging safe practices will help empower your team to think safety first and avoid the risks that are present in a factory environment.

Discuss potential risks

Whether you are talking to a team of automotive workers in Lexington or manufacturing workers in Nashville, it’s always imperative to cover the ways in which their jobs can be dangerous when they don’t have safety at the top of their mind.

Your team should be aware of what could go wrong on the job and what actions to take when accidents occur.

Educate and inform your team

Creating a culture of safety in your workplace is an ongoing effort. It requires you to stay on top of industry best practices and safety measures. Hold multiple meetings each year as you see fit to cover potential risks, discuss proper CPR and wound care, and make sure employees know where the nearest phones, first-aid kits and fire extinguishers are.

It’s also important to go over safety measures in terms of equipment and apparel. Make sure your team knows when and where to wear their safety goggles, hard hats, gloves, etc.

Celebrate safety

Each day, week, month and hopefully year your factory goes without an accident should be celebrated. Take time out of your weekly or monthly team meetings to really emphasize the importance of accomplishing another accident-free day.

As you promote safety practices and achievements, make sure to crack down on leisure or downright dangerous work ethic. Establish that it’s no longer cool to be casual about safety and your team will follow suit.

Reward safe practices

Take workplace safety to the next level by not only encouraging safe working conditions, but creating a system to reward exceptional safety measures. Reward employees who go extended periods of time without incidents, or create a safest employee of the month to reward employees who go out of their way to educate others, or hold their co-workers accountable for their standards of safe work.

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