What You Should Listen for in a Candidate’s Elevator Pitch

A successful elevator pitch can be the single most influential element to an entire interview process. This one response can tell you everything you need to know in order to hire or disqualify a candidate. However, if you don’t know what to listen for in a candidate’s elevator pitch, you will miss out on this vital information.

So, what should you listen for in a candidate’s elevator pitch?

Soft skills

A candidate’s resume will cover most of what the candidate will cover in their pitch, so while a candidate goes over some of their relevant work experience and qualifications, you have the opportunity to really key in on some of the employee’s soft skills. How well do they communicate? Are they persuasive? Do they exude confidence and leadership qualities? These are the questions the candidate is really answering when they give their response to the classic, “So why should we hire you?” question.


A candidate either has it or they don’t. The way a candidate delivers their pitch reveals their interest in working for your company. Look for candidates who give an enthusiastic elevator pitch. These candidates will more than likely have a great deal of passion and energy to devote to your company.

In the reverse, a candidate who delivers a disinterested pitch may not have the same devotion to the position at hand. This could be a sign of a candidate who isn’t looking to stay long term or just has a low drive.

Cultural fit

What matters to this candidate, and how do their values line up with your company’s mission? Will their personality and skill set mesh with your existing team? Listen for ways in which the candidate reveals their unique personality traits and work styles to see how well they will fit into your company culture.


If a candidate’s elevator pitch is well tailored to your company, it’s a good sign this candidate takes your company seriously. A well-prepared and confidently delivered pitch tells you this candidate has professional etiquette and a healthy work ethic and would likely be a great addition to your team.

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