What Does Performance Evaluation Mean to Your Employees?

With more and more companies moving away from traditional performance reviews, fewer employees understand how to make the most of performance evaluations. If your company is starting to look at performance reviews as a developmental and quality assurance tool, it’s important to inform your employees how they can use these reviews to benefit themselves and in turn benefit the company.

Opportunity to show growth

A regular performance review allows employers to monitor the productivity of their employees. With this in mind, an employee can use their review as an opportunity to show how much they have grown from their last review. By checking in with employees regularly, companies can stay on top of who their most driven and promising employees are when open positions become available or extra projects come up.

Set benchmarks

Performance reviews used to be a tool to check whether or not employees had reached the benchmark the company had set forth for their position. Now, modern performance reviews can give employees the ability to set their own benchmarks. By motivating themselves to develop as professionals, rather than scare them into performing better, employees can take ownership over their professional growth. This allows them to intrinsically become better employees and natural leaders.

Stay on track

One of the key benefits of performance reviews is to maintain regular communication with your employees to keep their performance and development on track. Employees should relish the opportunity to receive valuable and actionable feedback on their performance. Reviews should be treated as less of a make or break deadline and more of a guiding tool to keep their productivity and professional growth moving forward.

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