How to Approach the Work-Life-Balance Concept

Approaching work-life balance with your team is complicated. Many people feel it is impossible to completely separate the two, while others find it inconvenient the two are so intertwined. Creating a healthy work-life blend or balance for your team can help improve company morale and productivity by helping employees live more complete lives.

First, decide whether your employees are looking for a work-life balance or a work-life blend, because they are completely different and yet are viewed as interchangeable by many employers.

Work-life balance vs. work-life blend

Work-life balance – A work-life balance means an employee has a clear separation of their work life from their personal life. Along with the clear separation is a healthy balance of the two facets of life so work is not overpowering a person’s family and recreational endeavors and vice versa.

Creating a work-life balance for your employees often relies on consistency and planning in order to help your team schedule their lives around work.

Work-life blend – A work-life blend is where employers create a seamless environment that promotes socializing and family activities within the workplace. It can also provide the flexibility to allow employees the ability to attend family or social events during normal working hours and make up those hours at a different time or date.

Be flexible

While creating a work-life balance relies on consistency, a degree of flexibility is required to avoid employee burnout. Between getting ready for work, commuting to and from work and lunch, full-time workers spend the majority of their waking hours during weekdays on work-related matters. Giving employees ample vacation time can give employees the freedom to attend important family events, enjoy their favorite hobbies and recharge so their life has a proper balance of work and play.

For employers looking to create a work-life blend for their employees, flexibility is a must. Allowing employees the fluidity to choose their own schedules or work from home, when and if possible, can help eliminate the friction that can occur between a person’s work and personal lives.

Provide unique benefits

Giving employees unique benefits such as an allotment for child care, education, exercise and even recreation, can help promote a better workplace environment. Addressing some of the key stresses most adults face as a result of their busy schedules helps employees who are looking for a work-life balance and work-life blend.

Create social events

For employers looking to create a better work-life blend for their employees, getting involved in your team’s social lives is one of the best ways to create this blend.

By holding team-building exercises, work outings or offering paid volunteer days, you give your team members the ability to socialize without it conflicting with their professional responsibilities.

Whether you are managing a team of light industrial workers in Louisville, logistics professionals in Evansville, manufacturing experts in Henderson or Detroit automotive workers, you should know if your team is looking to blend their work and personal lives or separate them to create balance.

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