How Technology Has Changed the Job Hunt

New grads are entering a digital job search process. With some companies operating completely remotely, it’s not uncommon for employers to not even meet their new hires in person before bringing them onboard. Through cloud sharing of information and virtual interviews, modern job seekers can apply to hundreds of jobs per week while maintaining a full-time position. If you want to stand out in the modern job-search world, learn how to take advantage of the convenience of digital resources.

Virtual interviews

Finding the right job or candidate is a matter of speed. With so many applicants for each position, recruiters are relying heavily on convenient tools to save time interviewing as many viable candidates as possible while keeping the hiring process reasonably short.

One way both job seekers and employers can save time is by interviewing over the phone or through video calls. Getting to know how to communicate over the phone or video is an extremely valuable resource for job seekers.

Mobile job search

With life being busier than ever and convenience always at the top of everybody’s priority list, the job search has become much faster and even mobile optimized. Applicants can fill out applications, submit resumes and even conduct an interview right from their mobile devices. Even in less technical industries, applying for jobs online is very common.

Web presence

Another aspect of modern technology for job seekers is their presence online. With many different social media platforms becoming so popular for personal use, employers have found another way to get to know their candidates quickly and conveniently without even interviewing them. This is why it is important to maintain a professional reputation on not only sites like LinkedIn, but all other social media sites as well. Any information that may be off-putting to employers should not be posted in a public forum.

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