Listing References: Who You Should Pick

The right professional reference can make or break a job hunt. While great professional references may not sway a hiring manager’s opinion too much, a bad or ill-informed reference can erase your otherwise perfect candidacy for that light industrial job in Nashville you were fighting after. Choosing the right reference takes careful consideration and involvement from the reference in order to ensure the hiring manager is getting the best possible perspective of you and your professional capabilities.

Previous bosses

The best professional references are often previous bosses. A boss is an authoritative reference that is rarely biased and should have a great understanding of their subordinate’s abilities. They can attest to how well you can take directions, handle criticism and grow as a professional. A glowing reference from a previous boss tells employers you will likely achieve similar success working under their direction.

A different manager in the company

For obvious reasons, your current boss knowing you are looking at other options may not be a good idea. However, other managers in the company you have worked closely with can also give a similarly authoritative and unbiased reference of your professional abilities. Having a more current reference will also be a better representation of your full potential.

Close team members

Some of your closest co-workers can be great professional references. Who else would better know your abilities as a worker and a teammate than the person working right alongside you for eight hours every day?


If you handle regular accounts in your current role, having a reference of your ability to manage clients and achieve success for both your company and the client will encourage potential employers to let you handle their important clients as well.


How well do you manage others? A reference from a subordinate that vouches for your abilities to delegate, manage a crisis and develop young employees, can give employers a better idea of your abilities than your resume. Allow your work at your light industrial manager job in Lexington to speak for itself.

The HR Department

Any company’s HR department has a good idea of its employees’ reputations. An HR department will also know if an employee had any issues. The HR department at your current company can be an appropriate reference in a pinch.

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