The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Interview

Every interview is important as each is a chance to grow your network, make an impression, and – ideally – find and secure the right job for you. There are dozens of articles out there that offer up the “best” advice on how to WOW your interviewer, and some contradict each other or offer irrelevant, outdated advice. To bypass the confusion, we have compiled a list of mistakes for job seekers to avoid. We trust if you avoid these nine mishaps, you will be sure to impress.

DON’T go in blind. One of the biggest mistakes that we see from novice and veteran job seekers alike is they apply for so many positions, when one finally calls for an interview, they know nothing about the company, the role or even the industry they’re being asked to serve. This is a major faux pas because it indicates to interviewers you could take the job or leave it, and you’re not very thorough.

DON’T treat staff disposably. From the landscaping vendor pruning the trees outside to the receptionist who greets you and everyone in-between, your behavior and response should be the same: smile, greet people and assume any one of these individuals could be the CEO standing in. Don’t start off on the wrong foot by being condescending or dismissive. Interviewers often ask the whole team for opinions of you after you leave.

DON’T stroll in late. This is rude to those waiting on you and shows you don’t care. Indicators like this can disqualify you before the handshake.

DON’T lie. From the padding on your resume to the familiarities with X, Y and Z you fibbed about during the interview, you’re setting yourself up to be found out or fumble in the position if it is offered.

DON’T overlook the opportunity to ask questions. Inevitably, almost any interviewer will open the floor and allow you to ask questions. This is not a trick and it isn’t a nicety – most interviewers are looking to see that you’re inquisitive, you care about the job and you want the chance to steer the conversation and finalize their impression of you. Prepare questions before you go and feel free to write down additional ones while you interview.

DON’T leave them hanging. Always, always, always follow up. Instead of calling your interviewer and interrupting their day or retreating into silence after a great interview, email the person and thank them for their time. You can also ask if there’s any other supplemental information or clarification you can offer to aid in your candidacy. If they don’t respond, assume they are busy (not disinterested), and only send one email.

Once you have navigated your interview, avoiding the traps above, you’re through the easiest part. The hardest part is waiting. Celebrate & congratulate yourself on an excellent interview and know that if you don’t get the job, you at least made a great impression.

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