Must-Read Tips for Managing People (The Right Way)

In a great company, managers are the leaders of your company who motivate employees, solve problems and create strategies to improve workflow. However, for some companies this is unfortunately not the case. Managers are the number one reason employees leave, and this is often a result of managing these employees the wrong way. The right way to manage employees can vary from company to company or even employee to employee. This is why it is so important to have an open mind as a manager and be ready to take on the challenge of leading a diverse group of people.

Be the RIGHT leader

The key is to be the type of leader that suits your team, not the type of leader that suits you. This may seem unnatural, however, if you don’t lead your team in a way that fits their work styles and personalities, then you will never optimize your team’s productivity or your employees’ satisfaction. Whether you need to be more personnel–oriented, productivity-oriented or more lax, your team will benefit from the right leadership style.

Hire for cultural fit (not just ability)

You have to factor in the culture of your company and the personalities of its employees when making hiring decisions. A candidate that is a rock star in terms of productivity may not be the best choice if they will bring down the morale of the rest of the team or cause unwanted friction. A team that can work cohesively is better than a group of individual hard workers.

Be humble

Management is difficult. Although you want to lead by example and be a consistent pillar of authority, sometimes the best example you can set is to know when to ask for help or lean on the strengths of others. The more relatable and humble you are with your team, the better they will respect you as a manager and a person.

Maintain a proper perspective

When you aren’t in the trenches every day, it can be easy to lose perspective as to what it takes to do a given task well. Try to maintain a healthy perspective of what your team goes through so you know when you are asking too much of them.

Establish clear expectations

Transparency is key for a healthy employee-manager relationship. Setting clear, unwavering expectations is a must in order to create a healthy relationship that is built on trust. If an employee feels the expectations that have been set forth are unrealistic or constantly changing, they will get discouraged and take their talents somewhere else.

Aim for sustainability (rather than productivity)

Everyone knows the old adage – Give a man a fish, he eats for a night. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life. The same thing applies to a work environment. If you only solve your team’s problems by doing the work for them or answering all of their questions, they will not learn how to do the task for themselves or think critically. If you do the work for your employees, your team’s productivity may be alright, but if you allow your team to grow and figure out ways to do the work themselves, your team is able to be just as productive with little to no input on your behalf, freeing up you to be productive in other ways.

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