Why You Need to Reference Check Your Recruits

There is a misconception that reference checks are a waste of time. However, with high turnover rates, you can never be too sure about a candidate’s abilities or likelihood to stick around. Don’t overlook the little things or trust your recruiting tactics, because the importance of reference checking candidates is to verify information.

Red flags

How many times have you gone through a hiring process with a rock-star candidate you just couldn’t hire because of a red flag that you couldn’t shake? Inversely, how many times have you been burned by a nearly perfect recruit that had one flaw that ended up sabotaging their employment with your company? The best way to investigate these red flags is to contact a previous employer to see if it is founded or not. This is why reference checking is so important to the hiring process.


If something doesn’t seem right or doesn’t make sense to you, run it by one of the candidate’s references to get a clearer picture of who this candidate is and what they’ve done.

Unknown pitfalls

What you can find in a reference check are the imperfections that a candidate did not want to address in their interview. Few candidates are openly going to admit to a poor work ethic, an inability to communicate well or frequent absences. A reference would be remiss, however, if they did not take the time to express these concerns they once had to deal with.


A reference check is the perfect way to get another opinion to make your hiring decision that much clearer. Make sure what you saw throughout the hiring process was right. Check that the big name company the candidate listed on their resume was true. Verify that a candidate is as good as she says she is. No matter how big your team is, every hire is important, and you can never have enough assurance you are making the right decision.

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