How to Highlight Temporary Work Experience on Your Resume

There are a number of benefits of temporary work experience. The ability to adapt quickly and learn new skills is part of why recruiters prefer temporary work experience in some cases. However, with temporary work come certain complications that can lead recruiters to choose other candidates because of the lack of clarity and consistency on a temp worker resume.

Focus on skills

The biggest criticism to temporary work is the lack of consistency. This can easily be combated by highlighting the numerous skills that a temp worker uses and gains in a short amount of time throughout the course of a temporary working assignment. Temp workers become specialists in a number of trades instead of just one narrow lane. By emphasizing the skills used instead of the work period or responsibilities, temp workers can appeal to a lot of different recruiters with one resume.

Be clear

The easiest way to lose the attention of a recruiter is to have a sloppy or confusing resume. Hiring managers will not take the time to dig for information on every single applicant and so they will just move on to the next candidate if a resume is unclear. You can achieve clarity as a temp worker by personalizing your resume to suit the job you are applying for by omitting gigs that used skills that aren’t applicable to the job description and by grouping your temporary work experience together for a cleaner, more compact resume.

Group support

One of the best job-seeking tips for temporary workers is to group your temporary work experiences together. By grouping similar temp jobs or all of your temp jobs under the umbrella of “contract work experience” or “temporary experience” you create a more stable and clear image of yourself as an employee. Listing a number of different temp jobs that fill up three pages of your resume may make you seem like a job hopper, or be too disorganized for recruiters to look through. Keep your temporary work in one place and impress recruiters with your abilities, dedication and consistent hard work.

List both

Working with a temporary staffing agency can lead to some confusion as to who you are really working for. When it comes to your resume, if in doubt, list both the company you are working for and the agency you were hired through. You don’t want to seem dishonest to potential employers. If you end up being hired to a permanent position with the company, it is fine to omit the staffing agency to save space and confusion.

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