Boost Employee Attendance Rates With These 6 Tips

Improving employee attendance rates is a matter of motivation. Motivating employees to attend work and finding out the motivation for missing work is the most direct way to boost your employee attendance rate. Motivate your team with these employee management tips.

  1. Have flexible scheduling

Having the ability to work around surprise absences can save your company thousands over the course of a year. Traffic, illness or an accident can come up and keep your employees from making it to work on time or at all. Allowing these employees to make up these hours at a later shift or date can keep your productivity on pace to consistently hit your deadlines.

  1. Encourage employee wellness

It’s flu and cold season, so health and hygiene best practices are a must if your team is going to make it through the winter without serious gaps in attendance.

Encouraging employee wellness will not only improve employee satisfaction, but also keep employees stronger and healthier to avoid unnecessary absences. Invest in an employee wellness program that can consist of an education program or a gym membership.

  1. Make the rules clear

Oftentimes the issue of employee absences is due to the lack of understanding of the severity missing work can bring to employees. Make sure your employees understand how important consistent attendance is to the company and maintain a strict policy that denotes exactly what will happen each time an employee misses an excessive amount of work. Your rules should cover varying scenarios from excessive absences to an unexplained absence. Make the repercussions clear and unwavering. This way it doesn’t have to be threatening or a personal attack, just simply doing what is necessary to keep the company productive.

  1. Empower your team

When work is a place of pride and accomplishment, employees actually enjoy going to work every day. This is an important, and often overlooked, facet of employee attendance that can really turn your company’s productivity around.

  1. Promote a work-life balance

When employees don’t feel slighted by work, they won’t feel the need to pull away from and ultimately not attend work. By offering flexible scheduling, a reasonable vacation and sick day package and other more unique work benefits such as sponsored company or even family events, you show you value employees as people first and employees second. This helps promote a healthy working environment which encourages employees to further dedicate themselves to the company.

  1. Connect with absentee employees

Connect with absent employees to find out why they are missing work before it becomes an issue. If you find you can provide any assistance that can resolve the issue, you will save you and your employees the stress of frequent absences.

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