Watch for These 5 Signs of Employee Dissatisfaction

Identifying signs that an employee is unhappy is a key component of being a leader in business. It can happen to anyone at any time. Employee dissatisfaction can result from a personal issue or a fading interest in a particular company, position or even industry. Once you’ve realized the morale of your team is low, create a plan to either replace employees who have moved on, or support and uplift employees who are not satisfied in their current role. However, you can’t do any of this if you aren’t aware of the signs employees are disengaging.

Less productivity

No employee who intends to stay with a company for a long time will start to underperform. It’s best to consistently check in with your employees to not only make your employees feel important, but to identify signs of employee burnout before they become an issue.

Showing up late

Not caring whether or not they are on time is a major sign an employee doesn’t value their job. If you show up late, it sets the tone for your entire workday and sends a message throughout the office or warehouse that what this company does isn’t important. If you notice an employee showing up late, pull them aside and make sure they are satisfied in their role within your organization.

Joking about quitting

We have all joked about not liking our jobs at one point or another; however, if you notice joking about how bad an employee’s job is, how bad their boss is or how much they just want to quit is becoming a consistent topic in conversations, it shouldn’t be overlooked. We often joke when we are uncomfortable in a situation, so jokes about an employee’s job should be looked into further by connecting with these employees and making sure they are happy with your company.

A shift in mood

A happy and cohesive team is a beautiful thing. Whether it’s a team of logistics professionals in Nashville, a group of manufacturing workers in Detroit or Hendersonville distribution professionals, they all feed off each other. If you start to notice a shift in the mood of your team, identify ways to improve workplace morale before you’re stuck starting from scratch.

Disengaging from work

This is quite possibly the most important and clear sign of employee dissatisfaction. When employees start to lose their investment in their job, it’s because the job is no longer serving them in a way that fits their needs as a person or as a professional. Watch for employees to become quiet or less involved in meetings. Also watch for disengaged employees to display any of the previously mentioned signs.

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