Experience vs. Potential: Why Potential Wins Out

The hiring process starts with establishing the ideal candidate through your posting. So much of the focus of the standard job posting, whether it’s for logistics professionals, distribution experts, automotive workers or administrative professionals, is experience and qualifications. This is because a candidate would not be able to fulfill the necessary duties of the job without a certain degree of expertise and understanding. There is, however, a notion that this experience is the most important facet of recruiting a new hire. Many hiring managers take this notion to heart by limiting their search to veteran candidates with a certain number of years of experience.

While greater time to review a candidate’s abilities will give recruiters a better idea of who they are as a professional, it doesn’t guarantee they will be a better employee than a less experienced candidate for a few different reasons.

Malleable vs. Stagnant

It’s important to remember that with experience come certain expectations of the job and the work environment. Whether it is the pace of the work or the process of how the work is done, experienced workers may be less accepting of changes to their usual workday. It’s also important to remember the more experience an employee has, the better the odds the employee has already reached their full potential as a professional.

This is when employers have to make an important decision as to the direction of their organization. Where do you draw the line between current capabilities and future potential? Every organization has to answer this question for itself based on their own unique circumstances; however, it’s highly recommended that companies invest in their company’s future with younger employees that can learn and grow within their organization. This allows companies to grow the best employees that they can.

Higher Ceiling

When you start hiring for potential over experience, you begin to create a culture of growth and pushing boundaries. Rather than settling for acceptable experience, modern recruiters are starting to look ahead to what a candidate could be in the future, rather than focus on who they are now. By hiring employees with a higher ceiling than a more seasoned worker, companies are taking on the initial investment of time put in to educating and nurturing a greener employee and in return they are getting a higher caliber of employee than they could have previously afforded. By getting top talent while they are young, companies have a chance of benefiting, even if for a short time, from an employee that will likely go on to work for a Fortune 500 company or start their own entrepreneurial endeavor.

A New Generation of Workers

Each generation brings a different upbringing, a different education and a different perspective to the workplace. If you only ever fill your vacant roles with the most experienced candidates, it will take you years to tap into the next generation of employees. While there’s no guarantee that a younger generation will bring better employees per se, the unique experiences of that generation in tandem with the other generations on your team will be the driving force towards greater innovation.

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