The Power of Transparency in the Workplace

A demand for transparency is sweeping across the nation and its impacting everyone from food and beverage brands to corporate employers. As social media continues to revolutionize the way information is shared, Americans are beginning to require transparency in all facets of their lives. This is especially the case when it comes to their profession.

Combat high turnover rates and low productivity by establishing a culture of transparency in your company. Employees deserve the openness, and your company will benefit from the higher levels of understanding and communication between management and staff.

It creates authentic relationships and a culture of trust.

Relationships between managers and their subordinates are typically one-sided. Managers control the professional relationship and thus, are prone to control the social relationship between themselves and their team members. It begins from the interview process when so much of the subordinate’s life is opened up to the manager. Meanwhile, nearly all of the manager’s personal and professional life is a mystery to their co-workers.

When you operate your company in a way that puts transparency first, it eliminates the barriers that are established in a traditional corporate hierarchy. This creates a level of trust and accountability that benefits both employers and employees.

Communication and productivity will improve.

When employees are open to the interworking of their company, change can happen in an instance. New initiatives won’t have to be a big adjustment if you keep your entire team involved in all company matters.

Having a consistent open channel of conversation between all the different parts of your company, will increase awareness and improve the overall productivity of your warehouse. Employees will spend less time asking questions and more time doing their work.

When you invest in your employees, they will invest in you.

Promoting transparency in the workplace shows a level of honesty and integrity your employees will appreciate. When managers include their staff in important decision-making processes, it creates a different level of involvement and work pride. This along with the intrinsic benefit of receiving valuable input and feedback from your employees makes a transparent work environment a smart business move in terms of employee satisfaction, employee retention, productivity, quality assurance and efficiency.

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