Reimagine Your Onboarding Process for Better Employees

How you onboard new employees sets the tone for their entire tenure with your organization. Spending too little time with a new Florence automotive technician can lead to a shaky start, while coddling a new Lexington warehouse worker can lead to consistent micromanagement. The key to an effective onboarding program is timing and the human experience.

Onboarding new hires affects more than just your company’s bottom line and their careers, it impacts the workflow and safety of each every one of your employees. An undertrained forklift driver in Nashville can damage inventory, injure a co-worker and have your accountant singing the blues. Improve your onboarding process to avoid these issues and create an environment of confident and capable light industrial employees.

Tailor Onboarding to Each Position

Look back to every onboarding experience you’ve had for every position you’ve held. How different has each onboarding process ever been? For different positions, different responsibilities and even entirely different organizations, the onboarding process tends to be the same.

Give your new hires a better than generic experience and create an onboarding program that is geared towards appropriately acclimating new employees with their specific job duties, team and overall role within the organization. Allot more time for roles that are more complex or multifaceted than positions that are more straight forward.

How Much Time Do Employees ACTUALLY Need?

Throw away the forms and formalities. Each position within your company is different as the employees that fill them. It’s easy to see which new employees are quick learners and which ones take longer to get acclimated. Use this knowledge when working with your managers on an effective onboarding process for your new recruits. You should never assume the same onboarding program will effectively prepare two or more new employees, no matter how thorough it is.

Create the True Employee Experience

Part of what makes a new job difficult for new hires is the lack of understanding of the ins and outs of an organization. Allowing your more seasoned employees to show your new hires the ropes can eliminate the initial awkwardness of adjusting to a new position.

You can assign a team member to help mentor newer employees for an appropriate amount of time, or dedicate a portion of the onboarding process for the manager to solely focus on specific company quarks or procedures.

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