Why Employers Look for Contingent Work Experience

Don’t spend another second diminishing your contingent work experience. For years, laborers have been breaking the mold that was cast over a century ago and redefining what a valuable employee looks like. As the business world continues to evolve, candidates with a wide array of skills and abilities are becoming increasingly valuable. Proudly display your contingent work experience to potential employers in a manner that shows that you are resourceful, adaptable and capable no matter what situation you are put in.

It proves that you are adaptable

Candidates that have worked the same job for the past decade have a major disadvantage against contingent workers that have held gained a plethora of skills and work experiences in just a few years. The ability to gain and hold many jobs shows contingent workers have the ability to adapt and thrive in many work environments. This versatility should be reflected in your resume, assuring employers that you can have a positive impact within their organization in multiple ways.

Contingent workers are eager to work

Contingent workers don’t just wait around for the perfect job to find them. Instead, they work with a staffing agency that will find them consistent work opportunities to keep them busy honing their skills. Some people refer to contingent work opportunities as odd jobs or side jobs, but professional contingent workers know better. These opportunities are often extremely vital roles in industry-leading organizations and allow workers to rapidly build skills they will take with them throughout their careers.

You develop skills faster

By working multiple jobs throughout the year, contingent workers are able to gain valuable skills much faster than full-time employees. Diving right into a profession is the best way to become an expert. So while working a stable full-time job shows consistency, it limits an employee’s ability to grow as a professional.

Listing contingent work on your resume shows employers you are capable of mastering crafts quickly and effectively. Why wouldn’t you want to leverage that on a job application?

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