Staffing Exclusive: Hiring Leaders vs. Hiring Managers

If you want to propel your business to the top of your industry, you will need to reimagine your definition of the word management. Managing a business means doing just enough to keep it afloat. This is why it is important to remember you should be looking for a leader, and not just a supervisor, the next time you hire a Lexington light industrial manager.

There is a massive difference between a manager that keeps things in order and answers a few questions and a manager that is truly engaged and invested in his team.

Leader vs. Supervisor

When hiring a manager for your organization, look for candidates exhibiting characteristics that more closely align with a leader than a supervisor. While supervisors are effective at staying organized and keeping their team on task, they lack the initiative that can really impact the performance of their teams moving forward. A supervisor often neglects the long-term vision required to stay competitive in an ever-changing business world. Supervisors may not place the same emphasis on employee training and education as a leader will.

Leaders on the other hand, take the time to connect with their team. A great manager knows how to lead a team and listens to the needs of their team, instead of just assuming the role of authority at all times. A great leader also knows how to use the strengths of their team members. This allows employees to grow in their abilities and promotes employee pride.

There is also an initiative great leaders take with their teams that creates a strong bond built on trust and accountability. This upfront investment of time and energy allows great managers to lead their team without micromanaging, constantly answering questions or picking up the slack for their team. Instead, employees are motivated to take initiative in finding their own solutions and go the extra mile to meet and exceed their deadlines.

To find a manager that won’t just manage, but lead your company forward, look for candidates that exhibit the characteristics of a great leader. It also helps to work with a staffing agency that specializes in light industrial recruiting and employee management like Malone Staffing Solutions. Contact Malone Solutions to find light industrial managers that can lead.


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