What to Do When There Is a Major Skills Gap in Your Team

Skills gaps are going to happen, yet you still don’t know how to avoid them. A position becomes available, but you don’t always have the flexibility to hold out for the best employees to fill every skills gap you have. Over time, this process can create a plethora of different skills gaps your budget can’t afford to cover. What can you do when the cost of hiring a new employee is so high and a high turnover rate is hurting your company culture?

Start with establishing what and where your skills gaps are. Is it localized to one department or has your company’s skills gap polarized your entire organization? Are your skills gaps limited to a few key technical skills, or is there a large gap in your team’s soft skills like leadership and communication? Creating awareness helps you isolate and quickly solve the issue, or generate a plan to create a systemic change in the way your employees are recruited and trained.

Creating a culture of excellence

Investing in employee education is often overlooked due to the costs of time and resources. However, an effective employee education program can increase long-term productivity and eliminate the consistent need to fill skills gaps. If you put in the upfront investment with a solid onboarding process and continued employee education, your less experienced employees will more quickly develop into seasoned professionals.

It’s all about identifying the difference between underskilled employees and younger employees with the potential to be great. If you only ever lean on your veteran employees to fill in the skills you need, your team will always have a gap in their abilities.

Bridge skills gaps with the help of an expert staffing firm

A staffing firm that specializes in light industrial candidates and employee management will have the knowledge and resources to fill warehouse skills gaps quickly and effectively. Malone Staffing Solutions has the Nashville logistics professionals, manufacturing workers in Monroe and distribution experts in Florence, KY with the skills and talent to grow your business. Contact Malone Solutions today!



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