3 Red Flags You Can’t Ignore in a Light Industrial Interview

Hiring light industrial employees that are reliable is important not only for the productivity of your company, but for the safety of your entire organization. One bad hire can lead to a major mishap that can cost your warehouse thousands.

Finding the right employee is a process and the biggest part of that process is the final interview.

Bad attitude

Consistency and stability are crucial to running a safe and productive warehouse. This is why it is so important to hire light industrial employees with the right attitude for the job. Not every day is going to be filled with excitement and glee, but having a bad day vs. a detrimental day are two very different things.

Watch for candidates that speak ill of their previous employer or co-workers. If candidates show up late or come off disinterested or bored, this is also a sign they lack the focus and care to safely and effectively work in a light industrial environment.

Vague details of experience or technical knowledge

When this red flag is noticed, it is often written off as nerves. However, if a Louisville logistics professional isn’t able to easily speak from experience or effectively describe the technical aspects of the profession, then he or she may be embellishing his or her experiences.

This may also be hidden in the use of the word “We” instead of “I.” A candidate with years of experience doing less may not be as knowledgeable as a candidate with less experience but more responsibilities. Always make sure that what’s on paper translates to tangible results for your factory.

Spotty job history

This can be a sign of two major deal breakers. One scenario is the candidate cannot keep a job for an extended period of time due to poor performance. The second possibility is your Detroit automotive candidate is a job hopper. This means they don’t value the importance of sticking with one organization and they are likely to jump ship the moment another opportunity arises.

Consistency is key! Always address a major gap in employment to be certain the candidate has the abilities and work ethic to make a positive lasting impact on your organization.

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