Want to Attract the BEST Candidates? Post THIS Now!

We’ve all seen them – job postings that are so dynamic and inviting we want to apply even if we aren’t qualified, just to be told ‘no’ by someone so eloquent. That person must be dripping with energy and panache. Maybe not.

Behind every fantastic job posting is a person who communicates well and (hopefully) loves their company, but a perfect post is little more than a formula and a bit of flair.

Yes, the post matters. Did you know that the trajectory of your new employee’s experience in your company AND the work they do for you is set in motion by the words you’re trying to flesh out right now? It’s true. A dishonest or disorderly posting is sure to make for misunderstandings in the onboarding, training and early-stage parts of their job, leading to dissatisfaction or anxiety. Likewise, a concise, transparent and enthusiastic post will welcome the right candidate and usher them into success from day one.

It’s formulaic. You don’t need to be an HR whiz or a sales-pitch connoisseur, you just need to know what (who!) you’re looking for and why, and the rest is in the equation. Make sure your posting has the following parts and you’ll be on your way to recruitment Nirvana.

Open with needs.

By opening with what you expect, demand or require, you are alienating candidates by making it all about your company. Instead, communicate what you seek in a candidate by expressing exactly what this candidate will do for your business. Make them feel important and value your search: “XYZ Corp. is currently in need of a precise and experienced forklift driver who can transport packs in a timely fashion and who is committed to safety.”

Speak in terms of ‘who.’

If your post only dabbles in stats and certifications about your ideal candidate, culture and fit are being ignored, and that’s a red flag for top talent. Instead, be sure your post communicates who you need, not just what you must see. This way, the recruitment process feels mutual instead of like an audition: “At XYZ Corp. we value independent & self-motivated individuals who work well in teams by serving their own intrinsic purpose to help us reach organization-wide goals. Our Quality Control Specialist should be cross-categorically savvy, but also communicative and adaptable.”

Invite them inside.

Who is your company? What are the company goals? What is it like to work there? It’s important to include one to three sentences about company culture not only to sell yourselves to potential talent, but also to be sure any incongruence is handled upfront: “XYZ Corp. is a Supply Chain Manufacturer boasting 30 years of servitude in the Louisville area. We value safety, ethics and quality service, and are committed to “right-the-first time” movement of goods.”

Clinch it with the ‘why.’

Every benefit need not be listed on the job board, and if you want to keep salary information flexible or confidential, it’s your choice. However, it’s important to entice candidates to apply by highlighting any major benefits – whether classic, like 401(k), or nontraditional, like bi-monthly lunches brought in from Perfetto. This will also further express company culture: “Why XYZ? We are committed to helping employees further their careers by providing ongoing training and education. We also believe life is too short for technicalities, so please, wear jeans!”

It’s that simple! By writing your job posting in a way that is clear to the candidate, expressive of your needs and your culture, and genuinely enthusiastic you will attract only the top job seekers in Louisville or wherever you hail from!

For more recruitment tips or to begin your search for the best candidate, work with Malone Staffing Solutions. At Malone, we are dedicated to connecting top talent to the companies who need them. It all begins with you!


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