Is Employee Satisfaction Fizzling? Bring Back the Sizzle with This

Employee satisfaction matters. Not only are happy employees more productive employees, you are also more likely to retain and promote top talent and hold a pristine reputation among job seekers (and potential customers!) by keeping satisfaction a top priority.

Knowing what your employees want and need requires a certain amount of management savvy and a good rapport. With those in tow, it’s easy to have conversations and implement solutions. Consider the following:

Which “Satis-Factors” Matter Most to Employees?

Studies have found that employees are less motivated by so-called perks and fun employee outings and are more likely to give loyalty to companies that offer the following:

A Fitting Style of Management. Different employees need to be managed differently – fair enough. However, all that is required to determine each employee’s own just-right management style is a discussion and some observation. Once you segment your hang-loosers from your tight-shippers, providing it is easy.

Validity of Mission & Ethics.
Working for a company that doesn’t mesh with what you believe is a ticking time bomb and nobody – regardless of pay, notoriety, or other fringe benefits – wants to be a square peg forever. Work toward being transparent and vocal about what your company was founded on and ensure that future hires fit in.

Encouragement & Praise.
This one is simple. A job well done deserves due credit. Accolades and prizes just for coming to work will seem facetious and ill-gotten, but genuine appreciation and awareness of good work will go a long way.

Team Connections.
Again, to each his own and there’s only so much a manager can do to manage the interpersonal vibes of a team – much is left to the natural balance of personalities. One thing is certain – an employee who doesn’t get along well with the team or doesn’t find their team helpful and courteous will detach, and if possible, leave entirely. Having potential hires meet the team during the recruitment process is always a good idea.

Clarity of Communication.
No employee can exceed your expectations like the star she is if those expectations are not clearly laid out. If things change in the organization, employees should know and be given any necessary details to adjust. If someone has a problem with the work an employee is doing, it must be said (with tact). A team that relies on secrecy or a lack of transparency will not retain top employees.

A Future.
No employee can be rightfully promised a raise or promotion way ahead of schedule, and oftentimes, employees aren’t asking for that kind of security. However, one of the biggest complaints employees have – one that often inspires them to leave their jobs – is the “dead end” or the “abyss.” If an employee feels as though her current role is the end of her trajectory with your company, she has no reason to stay unless stagnation isacceptable. Similarly, if an employee has no idea whether you see a future for them, or whether your company could sync up with their own career goals, they may opt out and get scooped up by a company who plans ahead.

How Can I Maintain Employee Satisfaction in My Company?

  • Curb Helicopter Management
  • Reiterate the Company Vision
  • Give Credit
  • Inspire Good Team Connections
  • Establish Excellent Communication
  • Counsel Employees on Career Mobility

By following this outline, you can upgrade your employee satisfaction. You will not only retain your best employees, but also fare better in recruiting new ones. For more information on how to attract and hire top talent in your area, collaborate with Malone today!


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