Is Your Job Candidate a Leader? Here’s How to Tell

What makes a leader? Competence, experience and knowledge aside, the ideal team lead is probably a unique mix of several top qualities. While the following characteristics will ideally show themselves in all employees, leaders must have these in excess. When assessing an upcoming managerial candidate, keep the following list handy:

A Leader Must Demonstrate…

Honesty. If employees can’t trust their leader, their delegations and decisions will be met with uncertainty and the general direction of projects will come into question. Trust is key. Your candidate should demonstrate transparency.

Communication Skills.
Teams will be looking for someone who can translate expectations and deter conflict with open communication. A candidate with good communication skills and an open manner of speaking will rise above.

Certainty and intent will drive your teams forward to achieve. A leader who wavers or seems uncertain will breed anxiety in her followers. Does your candidate demonstrate self-assuredness?

At times, a leader must grab a shovel and dig with the rest of the team. Candidates who are unafraid to demonstrate how things are done, pitch in as deadlines approach, or generally lead from inside the trench should be closely considered.

 A true leader motivates the team. Leaders are also the ring leaders for creativity – they harness and direct creativity, and they inspire it, too! Does your prospective managerial candidate have creative awareness and an open mind toward fostering innovation? If so, keep them!

A Level Head.
Leaders must be unbiased and impartial so even the toughest decisions are weighed clearly. A great leader will demonstrate clarity of thought and an analytic mindset from the first interview.

Not all decisions can be made with data. How would your candidate think on their feet? Leaders must trust their gut sometimes.

Organization & Strategy.
All leaders must manage the people and the projects. Can your candidate create a map that gets everyone to a shared finish line? The ability to strategize is paramount to managerial success.

A leader must stand by her decisions, having made them ethically and knowledgeably. Does your candidate demonstrate integrity and the ability to uphold the mission of the company?

Leaders put out fires constantly. Your candidate should demonstrate the ability to pivot and lead their team in adapting and redistributing as things change. A born problem solver is the best go-to for a leadership role.

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