What Does Your Social Presence Say to Candidates?

The public can (and will) interpret a great deal about your company from your presence and engagement on social media. Your Facebook updates, tweets, Instagram feed aesthetic, and even the Pins you re-pin can elicit a very architected (or unwanted) response from consumers, competitors, and even job seekers. A candidate who is considering applying for or accepting a job at your firm can determine from your profiles and feeds whether your culture is more light and funny or intellectual and driven, which industries you serve, how tech savvy you are, and your general attitude.

Your updates, your comments and @ responses to others, and even the hashtags and mentions of your brand not posted by your team will indicate to your prospective employees what kind of place they would be providing with their time.

Here’s the good, bad and ugly about what your social presence can divulge about your company.

The Good

Engagement. Are you highlighting employee achievements and happy customer testimonials? This is a good sign to prospects.

Modernity. Do you know your way around a hashtag? By now you should. Job seekers don’t want to work somewhere that drags behind the times. Your usage of quality media content and tendency to stay current in your posted material will invite job seekers in droves.

Selflessness. Do you post content that is not from your own site or blog? Do you retweet and share other brands’ or individuals’ posts? If so, you’re demonstrating awareness and an intent to provide value to your followers. Job seekers will want to join this culture.

The Bad

Generic usage. Do you copy and paste your posts from one platform to another? Are all your bios copied from your website’s About Us page? Job seekers can spot lazy social users and know this can indicate a lack of creativity or strategy.

Frequency issues. Do you post constantly and spam your users with sales speak? Do you post once every nine weeks? A barrage of posts tells applicants you might be inconsiderate toward consumer value or even that you’re a bit sketchy. However, utter silence can be concerning, too.

The Ugly

Errors. Frequent spelling errors, typos or misinformation will tell job seekers you’re not attentive to detail or concerned about your reputation.

Negativity. Do you bash your competitors or grumble about your industry on social media? This will give job hunters the first indication you’re no fun to work for.

Heavy Content. Commentary on religious, political or other heavy societal material is sure to deter job seekers as well as consumers – and not just the ones who see things differently than you.

Lack of Engagement. Do you frequently leave comments and questions unanswered? This can spell disaster not only for your consumer relationships but in the eyes of job seekers as well.

As you pick over candidates’ social profiles to determine whether they’re the right fit for your teams, don’t forget to take a look at your own presence. How does your company present itself online and what can you do to post more mindfully? A few small tweaks may earn respect from job seekers.

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