Strategic Staffing: Your Candidate’s Elevator Pitch Says it All

Nearly every interview starts with it and it’s the one command under which candidates seem to falter – the dreaded “Tell me about yourself.” Why is it so difficult to summarize ourselves? Why do we feel so put on the spot by such a common and anticipated query?

As you recruit for top talent, you may feel compelled to begin with a request like “Tell me about yourself” because you’ll get to know several things about your candidate.

If your interviewee comes prepared with an Elevator Pitch, you’re in luck. This type of response is prepared and concise to allow you to quickly evaluate your candidate’s self-perceptions and value. There are five essential questions your candidate’s elevator pitch should answer for you:

What does your candidate bring to the table?

An elevator pitch is a sales pitch, plain and simple. The commodity? Your candidate’s personal brand and the value she could potentially bring to your team. A well-orchestrated pitch will offer up the benefits that your company or project will reap from the addition of this individual rather than the candidate’s own career objectives. How does your candidate plan to address your pain points? Are they aware of these needs?

How confident is your candidate?

Interviews can be nerve-wracking so it’s important to take candidate insecurities into consideration. However, an elevator pitch should be well prepared and the most confident moment of your candidate’s experience. This is a good moment to measure your candidate’s ability to handle the pressure.

Is your candidate diligent?

No elevator pitch prepared? Your candidate may not be as serious about her job search as someone who has done their homework. It is important that your candidate comes in prepared to sell themselves. If not, this candidate may need time to grow and another candidate will easily outdo them.

How experienced is your candidate?

A well-crafted elevator pitch demonstrates that this may not be your candidate’s first go-round – a good sign. What does your candidate reflect on in their brief pitch? Having few concrete examples could mean your candidate didn’t bring their best experiences to light, or that they don’t have them. Follow up to dig deeper, but know that your candidate may be a little green and decide within your organization whether that’s okay for this role.

Is there a good cultural fit between your candidate and the company?

What aspects does your candidate focus on? Is your candidate exuding the kind of personality from which your organization and team would benefit most? Does your candidate exemplify the sort of values your organization holds most true? While further questioning is recommended, an elevator pitch gives a really clear first look at what your candidate prioritizes.

A resolute and self-assured elevator pitch is the best response to the “Tell me about yourself” interview query. If your candidate’s delivery is prepared and confident, she expresses the possibility of results and a solid work ethic, and her personality suits your organization – this candidate is a likely great fit for the role at hand!

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