Generation Z: The Newest Workforce Resource

Generation Z, or those born between 1995 – 2012, will make up 20 percent of the workforce by 2020. This is why it is so important for companies to start establishing staffing strategies for Gen Z. In order to tap into this valuable new resource and prevent generation gaps in your team, utilize these expert staffing tips.

Recruiting Advice

To recruit this new generation it is important to know what they value in an employer and position. While stability is still a chief concern for Generation Z, the thing they value the most is job growth. As a generation that is just as driven and capable as Millennials, it is important for Gen Zs to invest in the right companies that are willing to invest in them. As they enter the workforce, Gen Zs will look for companies that put an emphasis on employee education, flexibility and transparency.

Retention Strategies

Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone just starting their career. Gen Zs have their whole careers ahead of them, so unless they find themselves with their dream companies right from the start, they will move on. According to Fortune Magazine, 27 percent of Gen Zs think that less than a year is an acceptable amount of time to spend at a first job.

In order to retain these employees, you will need to regularly engage with them through training and performance reviews. Another key focus point of this generation is job satisfaction. Many Gen Zs have voiced that they would rather be satisfied with a position than make more money doing something they hate or don’t support. If you are looking to retain your Generation Z employees, design a robust employee development program as well as customizable benefits to keep up with their changing needs.

Job Expectations

Coming fresh out of college and into the workforce makes Generation Z extremely driven to climb the corporate ladder and quickly establish themselves as valuable pieces to their industry’s puzzles. This may seem naïve, but this generation is all about finding their dream jobs. Because this generation is rather pragmatic, this notion is more a product of confidence and competitiveness.

It may not be the conventional way of business, but accommodating an entry-level employee with flexibility, unique benefits and above all, a clear path to success, will help retain these rock stars that are going to climb to the top of the industry with the company that is willing to give them the right opportunities. Be that company for this generation and you will be rewarded with excellent talent.

How to Manage

Contrary to their screen heavy stereotype, Generation Z actually prefers face-to-face communication. After spending the past 22 or so years receiving one-on-one feedback from their parents, teachers and coaches, Gen Zs thrive off of this form of management. Regularly develop your Generation Z employees with productive and transparent feedback.

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