Strategic Staffing: Improving Your Staffing Partnership

The best staffing providers can be a dynamic resource for companies and take a major load off of HR departments, IF utilized properly. If you feel as though your staffing partnership isn’t working out, try one of these strategic staffing solutions.

Establish Clear Roles

The easiest way to create an effective relationship is to establish clear roles between your staffing partner and your HR professionals. Having an overlap in responsibility between your business partner and your internal staff wastes time and resources. This is why defining clear roles is so important.

Define Your Ideal Candidate

Your HR department understands your company and its needs more than your expert staffing partner. This is why it’s important to provide your staffing partner with customized job descriptions and a clear understanding of what your team’s skills gaps are.

Company culture is also an important facet to consider when looking for the best light industrial candidates or any other professionals. Let your staffing provider know if you are looking for a team player, a future leader or a go-getter.

Communicate Effectively

Although staffing companies specialize in finding the best candidates, they still require a great rapport with their clients to find the ideal candidate for their unique needs. Creating an effective line of communication between your in-house HR department and your staffing provider not only yields better candidates for your vacant roles, it also makes it easier to track the progress of each hiring process. Make it a priority for your hiring managers to correspond with your outsourced recruiters in a thorough and timely manner.

If your staffing partnership isn’t working out, it may be a bad fit. If you are looking for automotive professionals in Louisville, manufacturing candidates in Lexington or any other professional throughout the U.S., consider partnering with an elite nationwide staffing resource in Malone Staffing Solutions. Contact Malone Solutions for a better staffing experience.



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