Strategic Staffing: Should Candidates Give Two-Weeks’ Notice?

Accepting an offer from a company is always an exciting time. Odds are you have been in talks with this new company for quite some time and have been looking forward to this opportunity. However, quitting your job without notice can be a major detriment to your career.

Burning Bridges

When you quit without notice, it puts your previous employer and colleagues in a tough spot. Your workload now has to be picked up by your team causing a strain in production and energy. You may think this doesn’t affect you now that you are with a new company, but it could still have an impact on future opportunities or potential recommendations from bosses or colleagues.

There is also the possibility of a larger more ideal corporation buying out the company you just left. If your records show red flags such as leaving without notice, you have eliminated a great opportunity for your career.

Sabotaging a Network

Your previous employer is rife with references and industry-relevant connections that will serve as a valuable resource throughout your career if you leave on a good note. Between your boss and your colleagues, chances are you will eventually run into someone at your previous company down the line. You don’t want to miss out on the perfect job opportunity because the hiring manager for the position you applied to is your old co-worker who was forced to pick up your slack after you left without giving your two-week notice.

Reflection of Ethics

You may have secured your new job with this company, but how will it look to them when they notice that you didn’t give your two–weeks’ notice to your previous employer? If it isn’t an explainable situation, they may assume you are the kind of employee that would leave them high and dry in the future as well.

The Exception

Other than being the ethical thing to do, there are clear benefits to giving your two-week notice to any employer once you have secured a new position. There is, however, the exception of your physical and mental well-being which can be a perfectly acceptable reason why you neglect to give your employer a two-week notice.

If you are being physically or mentally harassed or abused in your current position, be sure to note that as the reason you are leaving your position so abruptly. You may not receive full compensation from benefits and vacation days depending on how your contract is structured; however if your job is a detriment to your health, it is wise to move on in a timely manner.

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