Are Skills Gaps Creating Holes In Your Productivity?

When searching for light industrial candidates, warehouse professionals or automotive laborers to fill your dynamic team, if you just look for any qualified candidate, you may end up with major skills gaps in your organization. What can you do to prevent these gaps from causing a serious problem in productivity?

Gathering the Right Pieces

Your company is a work of art. It’s a beautiful puzzle with many shifting pieces. The key is to gather the right pieces with your particular puzzle in mind. What are your current initiatives and what are your future goals? This will help reveal current and future skills gaps within your organization. Understanding what you need as an employer is paramount in finding the right candidates with the perfect balance of skills for your team.

Well-Rounded Employees

The easiest way to fill and prevent skills gaps is to hire dynamic employees. If you are looking for a manager for your Lexington automotive manufacturing plant, hiring someone with experience in logistics and distribution can be a tremendous asset now and in the future.

It may not always be feasible to hire the most desirable candidate for every position that you have, but adding a few top-dollar hires to your team will help bridge the many skills gaps that arise in any company.

Be Proactive

With advancements in technology, your industry may not be the same in 5 or 10 years. You can’t afford to wait for that change to happen if you want to stay atop your industry. Look for future skills gaps that could arise, and create an education plan to help your current employees’ progress with the change instead of catching up to it after the fact.

Invest In Human Capital

In addition to your education plan, look towards alternative resources to fill the ever-increasing skills gaps that are rampant in many industries throughout the U.S. Consider hiring from the vast pool of older job seekers, women or disabled candidates. Not only is this proper business ethics, but you may find the perfect bridge between your skills gaps was right in front of you the whole time.

You can also invest in human capital by partnering with Malone Staffing Solutions. Our massive pipeline spans the nation and is filled with talented light industrial professionals, logistics experts, distribution candidates, automotive workers, administrative employees and manufacturing laborers. Don’t let gaps cause your company to crumble, call Malone Solutions today.



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