Flux in Staff? These Strategies Will Keep Morale High

Morale is more than a Mindset

Morale is defined as the energy behind a team or employee’s willingness to persevere toward a goal. Often, we see low morale manifest itself not as a direct lack of productivity, but rather, a begrudging effort – a willingness to work to keep one’s job and pay the bills, not to meet a goal, feed a passion, or contribute to the greater good. When morale is high, the energy behind your team’s productivity is at its best, mood is much improved, and yes productivity is optimal.

Morale matters not only to retain the employees you have and keep them working at optimal potential but also when recruiting new staff.

Change is Inevitable; Reactions May Vary

One major nemesis to high morale is a flux in staff. When your company is experiencing layoffs or when work is otherwise re-distributed to already-busy teams, your employees can begin to fear for their own job security or perceive a lack of value in the work they’re doing. Manpower is stretched thin and conditions become inflexible, managers are strained, and the negativity is palpable.

Change can breed high-energy excitement and gusto but without proper communication and clarity, change makes people nervous. This anxiety in the workplace causes morale to plummet.

The Antidote

Good news! You can fix marred morale. These tips, especially effective in times of change, will nurture and encourage your staff and morale will improve.

Fireside Chat.
Your team is made up of real humans. Do you know them? We all understand and respect the boundaries of work and personal life but knowing your employees will help you suit their needs. Talk. Encourage communication and support between your employees. Make the workplace a comfortable, real environment.

Harbor Consistencies.
Change has shaken your foundation. Lay a new set of bricks by outlining and protecting consistencies. When everything feels like a mess, the best thing your team can do is come together to refocus on the goals at hand.

Manage Talent.
Hire excellent employees to help ease the workload and refuel the team.

Support Passions.
Encourage your employees to latch on to the tasks they’re best at, and those they enjoy most. This will organically reboot morale and is also a great way to get the best results quickly.

Confront the Beast.
When everything gets messy and morale shifts, no one is oblivious. Rather than ignoring this shift, embrace and acknowledge it openly. Bring everyone together to determine how best to press on. Group involvement will foster a culture of trust that will have your employees rejoining the cause.

Lead by Example. Above all else, the teams with the highest morale are led by managers and executives who do more than put on a good face during hardship. Be real with your team, express your perspective on the situation, and actively problem-solve to make things better — your employees will learn to do the same.

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