Been Away From The Workforce? How to Break Back In

Getting back into the workforce is never easy, but it can be especially difficult if it has been an extended period of time. There will be an adjustment period no matter what industry you are in. It’s important to understand that you won’t always be able to pick up where you left off, but if you can have an open mind and adapt to this new world of business, you can rekindle your career.

Get to Know the Current State of Your Industry

Some industries change more rapidly than others, but every industry has its leaders that constantly work to push boundaries and innovate new and effective solutions. This is why it’s imperative to familiarize yourself with the most up-to-date issues of your industry so that you can speak to modern industry problems and initiatives throughout the application processes.

Any Nashville light industrial employer, Detroit automotive company or Louisville logistics recruiter will tell you that even the most labor-intensive positions are affected by the changes in technology. Whether it is the way a company communicates, tracks orders or how managers monitor workflow, the transfer of information through modern technology is constantly evolving to the point where business processes can change yearly or even monthly. Employers will want to know that you are aware of current industry best practices.

Where Do You Fit In?

Due to the constant flux of modern business, where you fit in one, five and especially 10 or more years ago is not necessarily going to be where you fit in now. Evaluate your skill set and use the information that you have learned about the current state of your industry to give yourself a realistic evaluation of where you belong.

It’s a hard reality for job seekers to face but the odds are, you may have to reestablish yourself in your industry by taking a lower-level job than the one you had when you decided to take a break. However, if you speak to some of the soft skills that you have gained in your time away from the workforce and use the free time that you have while you aren’t working to take classes and grow, you may even be a stronger candidate than you were before.

Dust off the Cobwebs

Build up a current portfolio by picking up project work or by putting out thought leadership online. Anything that can get you back into the swing of things and show employers that you can succeed in today’s business world will make you that much more hireable.

Consider a Change

Consider the reasons you initially decided to take a break. Now consider the current state of your industry. Is your old career what you really want?

Whether you are looking to change industries or not, having an expert staffing firm like Malone Staffing Solutions in your corner can help you quickly adapt to the modern workforce and find the right job for you. Get back out there by contacting the Lexington staffing professionals at Malone Staffing Solutions today.


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