Is Your Slow Hiring Process Costing You Top Candidates?

Your goal as a hiring manager is to fill a vacant position with the best candidate as quickly as possible. If your hiring process is too lengthy, you won’t accomplish this initiative. Not only are highly qualified candidates more susceptible to be recruited by a competitor, but drawn out hiring decisions will cost your company time and resources.

What Does Your Process Look Like?

Is your hiring process set in place to bring in a highly qualified candidate quickly and effectively or are you just relying on your HR department and managers to figure it out when the time comes? It’s imperative to know where you are going to go to recruit a new hire, what the job posting will be, who will be screening these candidates and how you plan on arriving at a final decision. If you don’t have a process in place, you are going to appear unorganized and extend the search for your new hire.

If you have a process in place that involves non-dedicated staff or rigorous trials, it will extend a very time-sensitive situation.

Track the Numbers

Your company may have a thorough hiring process to ensure they find the right hire every time, but hiring managers know that any hire could turn out to be a dud or wind up leaving for a better opportunity after just a few months. Instead of scrutinizing every detail of every candidate, it may be more pertinent to focus on how much money your company is losing each day the position remains vacant. What is the expected productivity or revenue that is generated by this position? What are the salaries of the employees involved in this hiring process and how much time have they spent recruiting for this position?

When you start crunching these numbers, they may give you a different perspective on the true value of your current hiring process and whether or not the ROI is acceptable for the position at hand.

Minimize Time by Maximizing Your Resources

An ideal candidate search would start with a large pool of highly qualified professionals and a comprehensive and efficient screening process. Relying on expert recruiters from a staffing agency to utilize their extensive resources and experience in hiring best practices gives you an upper hand in finding the best candidate and allows your company to perform business as usual.

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