Gauging Employee Satisfaction

With voluntary turnover rates increasing year after year, have you ever wondered if there was something you could do to prevent workers from jumping ship before they’ve already put in their two week notice? Having an informed perspective of company morale will keep you from losing your most precious assets, your employees.

Pay attention

If asking your employees outright how they feel about their workday is too blunt for you, keep a close eye on your team. Are they giving off any nonverbal cues? If employees appear visibly drab and tired at work, chances are they are not satisfied with their job.

How are they performing? Are they less engaged during meetings? Is their productivity down? Have they been uncharacteristically missing deadlines? Be proactive so you can nip the problem in the bud before you are left with an empty desk and no plans for filling that void in place.

Ask a trusted employee

As much effort as you put into staying in tune with your employees, it can be difficult to truly understand what your team’s day to day feels like. If you have an employee that you can trust to give you the honest truth, ask them how the morale of your company truly is. This is a great way add a valuable perspective of your employees’ satisfaction levels.


You have done your research and really gotten to know how your workers feel about their roles in your organization. Use this actionable data to adapt your business structure to better suit your team.

Does your team want more control or freedom with how they perform their tasks? Give your employees the trust they deserve by guiding more and doing less.

Do your employees feel overworked? Whether or not you agree with this sentiment, if it’s a unanimous notion, then how you feel is irrelevant. Keep your team satisfied by giving them more reasonable deadlines, more breaks and vacation days. Studies actually show that employees that stay fresh and recharged are actually more productive.

Maybe your employees feel their careers starting to hit a standstill. Don’t let your staff pursue greener pastures by promoting a culture of growth within your company. Give your employees interesting side projects; allot them an education stipend; provide them a clear path for a promotion.

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