Proving Feedback Benefits More Than Just the Candidate

Providing feedback to candidates that were not selected for the position is a modern staffing strategy. You may be asking yourself, “Why wouldn’t I just put my time and resources into onboarding the candidate that I did choose?” Well there are a few key reasons this is not always the best way to conduct business. Yes, providing certain feedback can be a legal liability, however the rewards for providing this highly sought-after advice far outweigh the risks.

Better candidates

There are always a few candidates that just missed the mark. Giving these candidates short, honest and actionable feedback gives them direction on how to improve and come back as a more desirable the next time. Be sure to give examples, especially ones pertaining to the job description, this way the feedback is helpful and nonbiased or discriminatory.

Positive brand image

Giving personal and useful feedback to rejected candidates will help soften the blow of not being selected for the position. It may also be the advice that those candidates need to take the next step in their career and land a great job even if it’s not with your company. This thoughtful effort will reflect positively on your brand and these candidates will be more likely to refer a friend or become a customer.

Candidates could also be customers

That’s right. Don’t forget that all of those resumes and cover letters are people. Each one of them could be potential consumers or clients of your product or service. Treating rejected applicants with respect and aiding them in their job search may encourage them to choose your brand the next time they are in need of your services.

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