Tips to Improve Employee Retention Rates

Employee voluntary turnover rates are on the rise, currently at 11 percent. This means companies are going through the costly hiring process unprepared. Save your company time and money by adhering to these employee satisfaction best practices.


Just like you would conduct consumer research, do your due diligence to find out how your employees feel about their workday. Conduct surveys; at Malone we utilize a third party that manages the survey and collects the data for our review. Putting forth this effort will give you invaluable information on how to retain your employees.


Conducting research means nothing without listening to and caring about the feedback you receive. What motivates your team? Is it a balance between work and life? Is it continued education? Creating the optimal workplace for your team will encourage employees to settle in and work hard for your company.

Have an exceptional onboarding process

One third of employees know whether or not they will stay with a company long term after just their first week. You have to set the right tone from the start or else new employees won’t commit. This can be achieved by providing an accurate job description and creating a smooth onboarding process with ample guidance and clear responsibilities and goals.

Candidates are wooed throughout the duration of the hiring process and then left on their own once they are on the team. This stark contrast is a recipe for poor employee engagement and retention.

Promote growth

Oftentimes when an employee decides they are ready for a change, it’s because they feel stagnant. Promoting a culture of growth prevents stagnation and increases employee satisfaction. Encourage your employees to learn new skills or perfect their craft by sending them to conferences, paying for continued education or simply buying them an informative book.

Another facet of a growing culture is promoting from within. When employees have a clear vision for success and advancement within your organization, they will be less inclined to think about greener pastures.

Be fresh

Mundane routines may also breed employee discontent. Avoid this by keeping up with modern employee expectations. This doesn’t mean you have to knock down all of your cubicles and replace desks with sofas, but it may mean considering some alternative schedules or catered lunches. Peppering in random surprises for your employees breaks the routine and keeps morale high.

It’s also important to gauge the energy of your staff. American employers often have stringent or unrealistic expectations for employee productivity. This can be very stressful and tarnish employees’ work-life balances. Encourage your team to utilize their vacation days to stay energized and satisfied at work.

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