How to: Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

Baby boomers and millennials grew up in completely different worlds. This can lead to poor communication within a multigenerational workforce. It is your responsibility to create commonality between your multigeneration team and curb any differences that may be perpetuated in your company.

Create a Baseline

One of the best ways not to exaggerate differences among baby boomers and millennials is to create a baseline. Each employee is held to the same standard. No favoritism is given to senior employees and younger team members are given a fair chance to prove themselves.

If less experienced staff members are having a hard time reaching this standard, look for the employees that are improving week after week and evaluate whether or not they have the potential to reach your baseline.


Having a baseline creates continuity for your team whether it’s a Detroit manufacturing crew or logistics professionals in Louisville. This ensures that no employee will be written off based on his or her experience. Rather, it allows employees to evaluate their co-workers based on their output and not their lifestyle or mindset.

If a young, hot-shot distribution professional works faster than, but not as diligently as, his co-workers, then he should respect his co-workers’ output. Just the same, a veteran worker should respect his younger co-worker’s less conventional approach to a task, if that process yields the same results.

Both the baby boomer and millennial generations feel as though they have something to prove to one another. The bottom line is that when this conflict arises, you need to step in. Both generations need to respect one another, leave their egos at the door and focus on work.

Manage Egos

Your workplace needs to be a productive environment. Conflicts could delay productivity. Be sure your more seasoned employees aren’t trying to mistreat or sabotage young up-and-comers that they see as a threat. On the other hand, be sure your bright young employees respect the process and don’t try to rush to the top.

Being transparent and fair with your employees will lower defenses and increase collaboration. Assure your younger employees that if they put in the work, they will be rewarded. Be frank with your veteran employees as to why they are working alongside or beneath younger employees. For employees that have plateaued in their career, keeping their job fun and positive will help them be more cooperative and less spiteful of their co-workers.

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