Finding a Well-Rounded Team and Why This Matters

Hiring employees is easy, right? You just pick the best candidate and put him or her in position and it all works out. Often when you are building a warehouse team, it’s not quite that simple. It’s important to have the big picture in mind and consider the skill gaps your company may have.

For example: You wouldn’t want to fill your light industrial team with only “hard-skilled” technical workers. They may be great individual workers but operate less communicatively in a team setting. On the other side, a group of “soft skill” employees may communicate and collaborate well but their output may be less impressive..

New Companies

You have your ideal group of technicians, welders, managers, quality control and distribution professionals. You understand exactly how crucial each group is to the functionality of your company. However, when it comes to filling the individual groups themselves, you aren’t sure what you should be looking for. You are a fresh new company and you want your employees to be a bunch of bright shining stars that will grow with your company. That may not be the best plan of attack.

Think of each group as a puzzle and each employee as a piece of that particular puzzle. Each piece has its exact role and doesn’t conflict with the other pieces. Meaning if you have more than one employee in the same group who has leadership tendencies or who specializes in the same skill, they may butt heads or oversteer the group’s production in one direction.

It’s also important to balance experience and potential. As a new company, it would be ideal to grow with a young team but it’s especially important early on to have experienced employees that can help take the reins on certain projects or provide insight into industry best practices.

Established Companies

For companies that have already established their presence, it’s easy to fill vacancies that can occur after retirements or terminations. As an established business you usually have your pick of the litter. While it may seem to be the obvious choice to choose the best, most experienced candidate, keeping an eye out for conflicting personalities or redundant skill sets is still crucial. While one bad hire may not make or break your company, a string of bad employees, or a bad team dynamic therein, can.

So, keep in mind the employees you have in place and remember to bring in some fresh perspective from time to time. Younger employees may seem to be riskier hires, but a new outlook could be exactly what your company needs to stay atop your industry.

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