Tips for Helping Your Employees Create a Work-Life Balance

For too long, light industrial companies, along with many others, have ignored the importance of establishing a healthy work-life balance for their warehouse employees. Often, light industrial professionals were expected to be robotic in their output. If their numbers declined, they would be terminated without any questions as to what may have led to the decrease in productivity.

The reality is unless you, as the employer, establish a work-life balance for your employees, there is only so much they can do before the scales start to tip to one side or the other. And despite what you may think, a workaholic isn’t necessarily the ideal employee.

An employee too dedicated to work will more than likely have an unstable home life. This is especially the case for employees in a relationship and/or with children. This instability will more than likely show in the employee’s performance at work, potentially at the worst possible time. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide the support for a well-balanced life for their workers.

Focus on Life Outside of Work

In order to support your staff in their pursuit of a healthy work-life balance, it is imperative for them to not feel slighted in their home life. If an employee’s time away from work was too short or stressful, they may feel inclined to take it easy on the job to compensate.

Our solution to this is to encourage your employees to live full lives. Give them the flexibility of vacation days and even suggest activities or trips for them to use for those days. Even if an employee doesn’t use all of his or her vacation days, the employee will appreciate the relief and the gesture.


Creating a better life outside of work for your employees can yield some serious results for their resolve and productivity.

  • Less distractions lead to more focus
  • Balanced employees are more stable/safe
  • Happier employees create a better work environment and also an increase in productivity
  • Employer involvement eliminates the disconnect employees can feel in a large company

Think of a company where everybody was valued as more than just a commodity – where management asks their employees how they are doing and actually listens to what they have to say. Imagine a place that would help an employee who didn’t have a great home life pick up a new hobby, take a nice vacation, or switch up their hours for a better fit.

These are the kinds of small things that employers can do to make a big difference in the lives of their employees. Companies that go the extra mile for their employees and create a proper work-life balance are rewarded with company loyalty and a happy and productive workplace. If you are looking to fill a light industrial opening, Malone Staffing Solutions has a vast pool of talented candidates throughout the United States.


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