Building the Balance: Big-Picture Hiring Strategies

Every HR manager dreams of a team that syncs up and soars; micromanagement is unnecessary, reprimands are few, and conflicts? Never. In this perfect non-universe, every personality and level of capability would align and results would be unprecedented.

Imperfections and mishaps are inevitable but excellence is achievable. With the right mindset throughout the hiring process and in management of your team, you can sync up, too.

What do you need?

When architecting a team, it’s less about who you hire and more about what they bring to the table. Details like gender, extracurricular interests, and even qualities like introversion vs. extroversion should be almost overlooked in favor of crafting a team that, as a whole, check-marks certain mandatory boxes. Scouring Ohio job seekers for the best talent won’t do if you don’t know what to look for.

By nature, balance is polar. You need opposing forces at play in order to keep your team afloat. Consider the following pairings and be sure that your team boasts equal parts.

Certainty and Immediacy: To balance your team, be sure that you mix calm, collected members and those who act with a sense of urgency. A team stacked with cool cucumbers may be too inactive or overconfident while too many ambulances on staff can result in a panic.

Positivity and Pragmatism: Meshing optimists and realists will ensure optimal productivity. With a squadron of happy-go-luckies, you’ll enjoy the ride but you may not recognize subtle problems. In contrast, a surplus of just-the-facts folks can be too defeatist.

Ideas and Industry: Explore give-and-take between thinkers and doers. Filling your team with the brightest innovators is sure to fill a brainstorm board, but without results-driven workhorses to rein them in and get things done, ideas are a loss.

Note: Many associates have the capacity to embody both sides of any of these pairings. You may know people who can employ a little bit of everything on the list. This is why it is important to beef up your team with whats and let the whos be themselves.

How do you make it happen?

Knowing what you’re after is half the battle, but how do you find and confidently hire the types your team is lacking? The following HR toolkit may help:

Check references early to learn how your candidate works and in what best-case scenarios.

Ask the right questions and offer sample situations for your candidate to react to in an interview – this will help you focus less on resume jargon and more on reality.

Seek flexibility. If you can score a hire with multiple facets and situational fluidity, you’re ahead.

Nurture it. Once you have a just-right team, be sure to equip associates with the tools to maintain the mojo.

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