How To: Scouting for Highly Productive Employees

With so many hopefuls on the job search, filling jobs in Detroit, MI can be tricky. While prospective employees are not hard to find, finding the right employee is paramount to increase productivity in your plant. So what are some of the traits of highly productive employees?


Employees who like their jobs tend to be much more productive. So while expecting every employee to love their job may be unrealistic, filling your team with candidates that are positive, upbeat and grateful is a great way to improve company morale and workplace productivity.


Another key trait of productive employees is their ability to prioritize tasks. Employees with the intuition to synthesize and carry out their tasks in order of importance are going to be more valuable than seemingly more productive employees who work faster. If an employee cranks out a project that is due in a month in record time, it doesn’t really do your company much good if they ignored the urgent project that needs to ship the next day.


Time worked vs. tasks completed is always an issue for hourly employees. Workers who are less impressed with an eight-hour workday and more impressed by their tangible output tend to be very productive. Studies show that workers that take tactical breaks to refocus their minds are actually more productive than workers that try to power through their workdays.


The saying goes, “two minds are better than one,” but if an employee requires constant guidance as to what task to complete next or what to do if an issue arises, that employee is not only wasting his own work hours waiting for assistance, but he or she is also taking up a supervisor’s valuable time as well. Look for employees that actively seek out their next task or help assist other employees.


Employees that have the integrity to take charge and are not afraid to speak up to management or higher-ups tend to put that integrity into their work. Finding these natural leaders is a sure way to increase workflow in your plant.

Finding perfect light industrial employees can be a daunting task with how vast the light industrial job market is, but looking for these qualities can help ensure that the employee you bring on is a hard, dedicated worker. To aid in your search for productive employees, we recommend working with the premier Detroit recruitment firm, Malone Workforce Solutions.


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