Strategic Staffing: What’s Missing From Your Onboarding Process?

Onboarding – the process of acclimating your new hire to the company and the role assigned – is a reformation of what was once seen as a first-day orientation or general job training. The concept of onboarding mashes these traditional approaches to bringing aboard a new hire, adding elements of comfort and a far more customized training by which to deliver the information.

But why bother?

An employee who spends a week waiting for computers to be set up and accounts to be accessible wastes their own time and that of the company. In short, onboarding begets productivity. A bigger provocation, perhaps, to the onboarding movement is employee retention. Employees are quitting too soon and companies are losing money and morale every time another one bails. Many companies are showering new hires – and veteran employees – with snacks, casual Mondays, or other perks. However, according to a study put out by LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions sector, employees are citing clearer guidelines and more effective training as onboarding wants, far and above the 1 percent vote for munchable perks. A friendly atmosphere, on-the-job training, mentorship, review of policies, grounds tour, and setup of equipment were among the other mentioned desirables.

So Ask Yourself…

Are you pre-preparing your new hires?

Before your newbie shows up for the first day, you can have HR necessaries and a handbook sent by mail or digital PDF. You can also pre-answer anticipated questions by providing a parking map, a list of what to bring or have prepared, and the name of the person to whom the associate should first report.

Are you setting up their new space?

A nameplate, business cards, necessary technology and software, and directions for how to use the phone are a great starter kit for any new hire.

Do your new hires get what they need to begin?

Your new associate’s email and accounts for any other necessary platforms should be set up with passwords at-the-ready on a computer which has already been loaded and configured for use.

Is the team ready for the new hire every time you bring one on?

Be certain that your new employee’s immediate supervisor is present with a flexible schedule, ready to receive your new hire and his or her plethora of questions. The rest of the team should be given a heads’ up too, so that sometime in the first couple of days they take the initiative to introduce themselves.

Tailor Your Process

Onboarding may not look the same for every new hire – in fact, it probably shouldn’t. Different roles require different precursors and different individuals benefit from different methods of training and socialization. Though practices can’t be delivered one thousand different ways, some accommodation will go a long way toward assimilation and – ideally – employee satisfaction. Survey your new employee often to handle unanswered questions or other uncertainties right away.

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