An Essential Link in the Chain: Why LinkedIn Matters

Are you using LinkedIn? Whether you’re an active job seeker or a professional who takes his or her career seriously, you should be. This platform and its users represent a networking subset with an advantage over non-users. Learn why, and see what you can do to make LinkedIn work for you.

What LinkedIn is All About

On LinkedIn, new users create a profile – a hub of professional information from educational background, to resume details, and on into interests, skills, volunteer experience, and beyond.

The connectedness is innate as LinkedIn uses your sign-on email contacts alongside input information to generate a list of users you may know. This list evolves as your profile and connections grow.

HR folks use LinkedIn to fish for talent; job seekers use it to connect with favorable companies within their job search. Seeing connections in common inspires a connection between two previously unintroduced people which can spark an interview, a collaboration, or a new business endeavor.

What Differentiates LinkedIn?

Seen foremost as a networking tool for professionals, and gaining traction as a way to brand oneself, this platform reaches beyond the intellectual quick bites of Twitter and the Mom-avoiding sociality of Facebook while retaining all of the connectivity, if not more.

What’s more, LinkedIn is more than just the digital version of a networking mixer. Instead of just a business card, you’re dispersing your resume, Rolodex, and testimonials of your accomplishments to potential hiring entities.

While finding Michigan automotive jobs is big on our list of LinkedIn’s key functions, the platform also serves as a way to connect like-minded entrepreneurs (and investors), as well as to generally boast one’s accomplishments or brand oneself as a freelancer.

How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

Sharpen your profile.

Add a punchy headline to serve as the summary of your entire professional body of work (no pressure!). Include an image to get noticed by more hiring managers and acknowledged by more former colleagues and classmates. Don’t skimp on skills!

Be proactive.

Connecting with the handful of users LinkedIn thinks you probably know is rookie-level proactivity. Once you get your base-level connections established conduct searches for former co-workers, check the alumni list at your alma mater, and see what you can drum up in the volunteer sector. An endorsement of someone whose work impressed you goes a long way toward earning one in return.

Think outside your network.

Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn can and should be used to connect to those you don’t know. Don’t use the platform to spam every industry-related user and company to generate a false network. This won’t score you the new job. Do use the platform to follow businesses and individuals whose work you admire or who may be a 2nd or 3rd string connection to someone you know.

Whether you’re a non-user, novice user, or LinkedIn aficionado, take this post as the inspiration to generate or revamp your profile, add a few connections, and get closer to whatever is next for your career. Don’t forget to connect with Detroit Staffing firm Malone Workforce Solutions on LinkedIn and check out our job postings to find your next major career move.


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