How Can a Staffing Partnership Help You Find More Qualified Candidates?

For many business owners, finding the right candidate for your newest opening can be more challenging than planned. Whether you’re looking to hire a contingent employee for a specific period of time, or hoping for a new permanent employee, sometimes finding the candidate you need is trickier than you thought.

That’s where a staffing firm comes in. The experienced associates at a staffing agency can take on your hiring process and extend your candidate search beyond your own borders. Top talent and high performers in your industry may not be actively searching for a new career, but a recruiter at a staffing firm can engage them in the opportunity. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to take your candidate search to the next level. So, how exactly can a staffing partnership help you find more qualified candidates?

HR is our specialty.

Think of a staffing firm like a full-time, devoted HR team. The recruiters are experts at recruiting and can tell right away which kinds of candidates will be attracted to this opportunity. They’ll also know the necessary qualities for success in this position. As a professional hiring team, a staffing partnership is like having hiring experts just a call away.  

Our talent pool swims with potential.

Staffing firms have connections to a diverse range of candidates with a variety of experiences and education in your industry. You can save time and money on training new hires because the candidates provided by a staffing firm already know your line of work. This allows you to fill positions and get new hires out on the floor more quickly.

Reduce those stifling overtime fees.

If you’re spending tons on overtime, hiring contingent employees through a staffing firm might be a more cost-effective solution. Get maximum productivity from your current staff by supporting them during high-volume seasons or when an employee takes extended time off. Plus, you’ll save your current employees the stress of more responsibility, which can sometimes inflate turnover rates.

Extend your reach.

The hiring process is costly and time-consuming. If you’re posting an opening and sifting through resumes, be prepared for the hiring process to take over your life. Partnering with a staffing firm not only takes this burden off your shoulders, it also extends your recruitment reach outside of your typical circles. Recruiters have access to elite talent with specialized skills and knowledge.

Identify your needs.

Malone Solutions provides businesses unparalleled staffing opportunities. We have an employee who can fill any role at any time. Partnering with us gives you access to:

Contingent Hires. Need an additional employee for a high-volume season or to take on assignments while someone is on vacation? Our contingent candidates are trained especially for your industry, so they come in with the knowledge and skills that will keep productivity high.

Contingent-to-Hire. You know you need a contingent hire for a few months, but maybe this could become a permanent position. You can bring in a potential employee to see if he or she is the right fit for your team before you permanently commit.

Direct Hire. We can search, screen and check candidates before their resumes hit your desk. That way you know that the individual in consideration is a high-quality employee even before the interview. The decision is up to you, but we can help you get there faster and with confidence.

Do any of these options sound like the solution to your staffing needs? Malone Solutions can help your workforce grow when you need it. Visit us online and discover the many ways you can improve your overhead, boost morale and increase productivity with a staffing partnership.


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