Should You Consider Candidates Lacking a Skill or Qualification?

Every decision in business is a cost-benefit decision, both in customer relations and in employment and staffing. When you interview for an open position, you have a list of qualities that are deal-breakers and ones that are an added bonus.

Deal-breaker qualities are skills you can’t live without. You need an administrative professional with good communication skills. That quality is non-negotiable. Skills that provide an added bonus, like experience with certain kinds of technology, just make the candidate more of an asset.

However, you may find that a strong candidate is lacking a certain skill or qualification you might have initially considered non-negotiable. But this person has many additional specialized skills that could really make a significant impact on your bottom line. Now you ask yourself, should I consider a candidate lacking a skill?

If a candidate lacks a certain qualification, be sure that this gap won’t negatively impact your other employees. Here are three ways to get a new employee up to speed with your needs:

  • Offer onboarding and professional development: Skills gaps are unavoidable, especially with baby boomers retiring and millennials coming on board. When considering an underqualified candidate, think about on-the-job training and professional development that you can provide to help them build those skills. Before they go solo, give them time to explore the technology and develop the skills essential to their job.
  • Empower your managers and team leaders: Good leaders must be able to relate to workers at all levels. Managers must motive and inspire their teams, encouraging them to see the personal benefits of a high-quality job performance. Department heads can provide extra support to new hires without specific skills. Working along side them, your managers can help them develop the missing skills. In addition, this means the new hire will learn how to do things in a way your company values most.
  • Find a personality that fits: Professionalism is vital to a good candidate, but personality is important, too. Not only do you want a new employee with the right work experience, you also want someone who fits in with your current workforce culture. If a candidate lacks a specific skill but has the right personality type – like a sales representative who is outgoing, articulate and persuasive – consider bringing him or her on. You can pair the new hire up with a seasoned pro to help strengthen any weak skills before tackling customers on his or her own.

When it’s time to begin a new candidate search, be sure to know your deal-breaker qualities and your bonus skills. Most importantly though, be flexible enough to recognize the qualities of top performers in your industry. Using a hiring firm like Malone Solutions can help you reach out to highly qualified, prescreened candidates looking to start working right away. If you need to fill a new position, don’t scramble around – let our experienced recruiters find the talent you need to get the job done right.


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