The Top Four Qualities Your Administrative Candidate Must Have

Every manager knows that for any office to run effectively and efficiently it must have strong and dynamic administrative professionals. They keep the entire workforce productive and on task, facilitate collaborative projects, and organize the daily minutia as well as big picture tasks.

The role of an administrative assistant has changed over the years. Once considered secretaries and typists, today’s admin professional must excel in technology, time management and interpersonal interactions. When looking for a new administrative employee, you’ll want a candidate who can:

  • Communicate effectively with co-workers of all levels.
  • Boost your workplace culture.
  • Keep the workflow from both permanent employees and contingent workers moving forward.
  • Ensure customers, clients and top-level executives are satisfied.

If your office is in need of a high-quality administrative professional, here are the top four qualities to look for.

  1. Thinks on their feet: Administrative assistants must have quick reaction time, able to make the right decisions in critical situations. When an employee or a client becomes deeply dissatisfied, it’s your admin employees who initiate damage control. From defusing a co-worker’s stress levels to finding a missing invoice for an upset client, you want an administrative candidate who can navigate rough situations flawlessly.
  2. Wears multiple hats: Administrative professionals keep the workplace organized and support employees as they complete their projects, all while taking care of their own assignments. They have access to a variety of information and can help use that diverse knowledge in various situations.
  3. Communicates effectively: Successful administrative professionals excel at respectfully communicating with the whole company, as well as individual employees. Since they interact with everyone in the office, you want a candidate who can help create a harmonious work environment.
  4. Understands technology: Administrative assistants must be able to navigate multiple forms of technology, from computers to audio/visual equipment. A strong candidate is one who helps other employees with tech gadgets and software. Whether keeping everyone connected with video conferencing or helping a new hire set his phone message, administrative professionals work with employees at all levels.

During the interview process, take the time to get specific examples about the how the candidate applied these skills. Listen carefully to what the applicant considers important qualities in an administrative professional position. This will show if he or she has the qualities you want in a successful employee.
At Malone Solutions, we understand how a great administrative professional can impact your business. We have matched talented assistants in both contingent and direct hire positions. Whether you need a new employee for the short term or long haul, we can help you find the best administrative professionals in your area. Contact us today!


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