6 Strategies to Help Your Team Avoid Burnout

The end of 2015 is almost here and with the stress of the holidays setting in, many employees can appear to be distracted or unmotivated. If your most reliable employees started missing quotas or your star workers are turning in subpar work, there could be a personal situation to blame, but it could the effects of burnout.

When employees feel burned out, they emotionally, mentally and physically check out of their jobs. This most frequently happens when your workers are overwhelmed by stress or lulled by boredom. They may feel undervalued or lost in their workflow. While poor job performance is a common sign of burnout, an increasingly negative attitude is another. When your shift leader, who has always been a strong mediator, suddenly starts barking orders, stress is a likely cause, and burnout could be right around the corner.

Being proactive about burnout prevention can ensure that employee retention, productivity and profits stay high even at times when morale could be low. Here are six ways you can get ahead of burnout and make sure your employees are happy, healthy and hardworking, especially through the holidays.

Give flexible shifts

Create a flexible workplace that focuses on individual strengths, giving your workers the freedom they need to work at their best times and mind sets. Avoid burnout with a variety of shifts, remote work options and flexible schedules for picking children up from school or walking pets in the afternoon.

Emphasize low stress

Burnout often begins when employees are overly involved in high-pressure environments. In other words, are your employees constantly under the thumb of tight deadlines? Avoid burnout by making your workers leave at the end of the day on time, ensure they’re taking vacation time and engaging them in on-site stress-reduction activities.

Inspire your employees to stay motivated

Start the workday by acknowledging the success of individual employees. Go around and pump everyone up by thanking them for their hard work, pointing out teams that have exceeded quotas, and celebrate safety milestones.

Provide professional development

Lack of challenging work is one of the key causes of burnout, which is especially true for workers whose days consist of repetitive tasks. You can reignite their dedication to the job by offering opportunities to learn new skills, explore different equipment and make decisions that can make the whole company more productive.

Let them have authority over daily tasks

Giving your employees some autonomy can also help avoid burnout. Some employees tend feel stressed and suppressed when their supervisors dictate every little task. Obviously, it’s important to make sure everyone follows policies and protocols, but in situations where employees can manage their own work, let them. It might even help your managers avoid burnout, too!

Partnering with a staffing firm like Malone Solutions can help you prevent burnout by giving your permanent employees support from additional staff. Not only will you be able to boost morale, you’ll also save time and money by improving productivity across the board.


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