Short-Staffed? High Demand During the Holidays?

When you’re short-staffed during the busy holiday season, a contingent workforce could be Santa’s gift to you and your crew.

Your company has seen many production changes during the holidays and some of your employees seem stretched thin trying to keep up. Your machinists and light industrial workers have higher quotas, while your administrative assistants can barely keep up with the new paperwork. Some of your employees are starting to dip into overtime, and that can really impact your profits, even during the busiest time of the year.

Whenever your company sees a surge in business, positions at all levels, from part-time workers to executive decision makers, can feel the stress. Maybe you need to hire more permanent employees or create new openings. Perhaps you just need some additional help while your crew works through this high-volume season. That’s when a contingent workforce might be a great solution.

Keep productivity and performance high

The holiday rush has your distribution team going 24/7. It doesn’t take a whole new crew to keep production flowing steadily and maintain high-quality performance. Contingent employees can give you the urgent assistance you need during those high-volume holiday shifts. If your warehouse team needs more muscle, you can hire a contingent laborer who fits that exact need. When your machinists leave for holiday vacation, productivity doesn’t have to stop. An outsourced worker can keep things running even when more and more work gets piled on.

Bring in extra hands without breaking the bank

Whether your business is increasing or your staff is shrinking, contingent labor provides hardworking, reliable employees without high payroll costs. You aren’t looking at an influx of labor fees, payroll taxes or paid time off; contingent staff members aren’t paid that way. Instead of bringing on a whole new crew to take on new business, you can hire an outsourced skilled worker that fits right in your timeline and your budget.

Gain access to specialized skills

Your distribution routes are changing with the holiday season, and you want a contingent employee experienced in that part of town. Maybe a new product line launched and you want more machinists skilled at working on specialized parts. Either way, the holiday rush can bring some interesting challenges that you may not face all year long. Contingent employees provide specialized skills that might be missing from your current staff and crew.
Managers, shift leaders and business owners all know the holidays bring in additional workflow, and that means your employees can become overworked and overwhelmed very quickly. Outsourcing your workforce can make a huge difference, giving you access to premium talent that can get your holiday production goals completed on time. Interested in exploring how contingent labor can improve your holiday productivity? Give Malone Staffing Solutions call today!


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